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Started in 2021, STAND Festival is a unique platform that celebrates immigrant and refugee artists' untold stories, vibrant talents, and undeniable passion. During this celebration of art, culture and diversity through

events, workshops, and an exhibition - the festival paints a rich tapestry of narratives, emotions, and experiences that transcend geographical borders. Join us to enjoy awe-inspiring performances in theatre, dance and music.

STAND Festival_edited_edited.jpg

The body of a woman as a battlefield in the Bosnian war

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Canada

Tracking Ayatollah’s Spokesmanin Canada

Melodies from Iran

The Last Dance Ballet

winds of desire

She Planted, You Watered, and I Grow (full version)


A larp experience  

The Emigrants

Intergenerational (dis)connections

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