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The Last Dance Ballet



​​7:30 PM

The Annex

The Naadaleela Ensemble blends Persian, Indian, Chinese, and North American musical traditions. They feature diverse talents and create a unique fusion that celebrates centuries of cultural exchange, offering an unforgettable musical experience.

In this performance, you will experience the premiere of "The Last Dance Ballet" by Amir Eslami, based on a story about the prohibition of dance in Iran, plus several more pieces by other composers in the ensemble.

The event credits feature a diverse and talented ensemble of artists, each contributing unique skills and cultural backgrounds to create a rich and captivating performance.

The ensemble includes Curtis Andrews (mridangam/kanjira/composer), Jonathan Bernard (percussion), Jared Burrows (guitar/composer), Amir Eslami (ney/composer) from Iran, Dailin Hsieh (zheng) from Taiwan, Lan Tung (erhu/voice/composer) from Taiwan, and Vidyasagar Vankayala (voice/composer) from India. Adding a visual dimension to their performances is Fereshteh Zakery, an Iranian dancer. Their combined talents ensure a culturally diverse and enriching performance.

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