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Nov 8,9,10,15,16,17

7 - 9:30 pm

Presentation House Theatre - Studio

Experience a gallery that unites stories of courage and the human spirit's enduring. Born in Kurdistan/ Iraq, Harem takes us through a journey that defies the adversity shaped by childhood experiences of tragedy and misplacement.


A captivating realm of a refugee artist whose creations traverse borders and encapsulate the spirit of resilience. Harem witnessed the horrors of his town's chemical attack as a child. Growing up in a refugee camp, he turned to art as a language to express the silent suffering of children in war's wake. His work reflects global tragedies, a testament to the strength of those who endure.

Harem's art offers a glimpse of hope amidst the turmoil. He transformed his creativity into a shield against a terrifying reality. Join us in celebrating the artistic journey that resonates with individuals worldwide, fostering understanding, compassion, and unity.

With eight solo exhibitions and over 40 co-exhibitions, Harem's art speaks volumes, resonating with diverse audiences.

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