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She Planted, You Watered, and I Grow (full version)


NOV 10

​7:30 PM

Presentation House Theatre

Has been written, directed, and played by Behtab Behseta. Ferdos Vakilian, the videographer, has skillfully captured the performance. The musical composition was created by Shervin Nivbagheri.


She Planted, You Watered, and I Grow depicts the struggles of a young woman who has migrated to Canada and has a strange relationship with her family, past, and home country. This thought-provoking drama unravels the complexities of intergenerational trauma and the resilience needed to confront and heal from it.


This performance's Pilot version (30 minutes) mesmerized audiences at the last STAND Festival. Its captivating portrayal of human struggles and self-discovery left a lasting impact on those who experienced it. Take advantage of this extraordinary theatrical experience that will leave you moved and inspired.

Content Advisory:

This show features flashing lights and portrays mental and emotional breakdowns, which may be triggering for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. 

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