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NOV 1-17, 2024



STAND Festival: Celebrating the Voices of Immigrant and Refugee Artists

In the heart of Greater Metro Vancouver, the Blackout Art Society proudly presents the STAND Festival - an acronym capturing the essence of Strength Through Art Network Diversity.

Launched in 2021, this annual November gala is more than just an arts festival; it's a beacon of hope, resilience, and unity.

STAND Festival emerges as a unique platform that celebrates immigrant and refugee artists' untold stories, vibrant talents, and undeniable passion. Through three dynamic disciplines - Theatre, Music, and Dance - the festival paints a rich tapestry of narratives, emotions, and experiences that transcend geographical borders.

But the festival doesn't stop at mere showcase. Recognizing the unique challenges immigrant and refugee artists face, STAND includes an array of knowledge-sharing workshops. These curated sessions aim to empower participants, equipping them with the tools, insights, and networks to navigate and thrive in their artistic journeys.

Join us every November as we stand in solidarity, appreciate unparalleled artistry, and, most importantly, listen to the powerful voices that resonate with strength, diversity, and unity.


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Festival Organizer: Neda Majidi
Public Relations: Shideh Taleban
Festival Stage Manager: Shila Amin
Outreach Associate: Hedyeh Vahidi
Digital Marketing Specialist: Anahid Flores
Educational Coordinator: Faedra Mirhashemy
Volunteer Coordinator: Yassaman Hosseini

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every volunteer, partner, and funder who played an integral role in bringing this performance to life. Their unwavering support, dedication, and generosity have made this event possible and reaffirmed the power of community and collaboration. Through endeavours like these, we recognize how collective passion and commitment can transform vision into reality. From the depths of our hearts, thank you for your invaluable contributions and for being a vital part of this journey.


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