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Reborn on Stage

Monologue Writing


NOV 10 

​​6 - 8 PM

Presentation House Theatre


NOV 11 - 12

​11 am - 5 PM

Presentation House Theatre


Join an immersive workshop led by Naghmeh Samini, scriptwriter and lecturer in Dramatic Arts. You'll learn the craft of writing monologues based on real historical or cultural figures, bringing them back to life on stage.

Participants in this three-day workshop will first improve their writing skills in creative writing exercises and then go through the innovative methods of writing monologue (Mono Drama) by focusing on a real character Who has historical or cultural importance. At the end of the workshop, the participants will read their writings in public to get the audience’s feedback.

Naghmeh has recently led a similar workshop at the University of Tokyo, Japan.

Please note this workshop is in Farsi.

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